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  • Improve your smile, and therefore your self-esteem and your general appearance.
  • Improve your oral hygiene.
  • Eliminate migraines and headaches caused by poor chewing position.
  • It prevents a large number of dental and gum problems.

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We are specialists in Orthodontics, for children and adults

At Centro Dental Salvador García, we are specialists in the most advanced orthodontic systems today and we are going to offer you the treatment that best suits your needs.

How is the treatment?


At the first appointment, we will explore your mouth, assess your case and inform you of the most advisable orthodontic treatments for you. We will give you a closed budget and the estimated treatment time.



Excellent treatment is impossible without carrying out a good diagnosis and that is why at Centro Dental Salvador García we have the latest technology in facial, dental and skeletal analysis. Through a series of photos, x-rays and a 3D scanner of your mouth, we will know all the parameters that must be corrected during the treatment to improve your oral health and obtain the best version of your smile.



After obtaining the diagnostic records, we carry out a complete analysis of them using 3D technology-based software to design your smile. Then we show you the result and manufacture the custom orthodontic appliance in the best orthodontic laboratories nationally and internationally.



Once the orthodontic treatment has begun, we will monitor it with periodic visits to adjust the appliance. During this time, it is essential to go to the indicated appointments, maintain thorough oral hygiene, and follow the instructions that we will give you at each visit.



Just as important as the orthodontic phase is the maintenance or retention phase. Like the rest of our body, the mouth changes with the aging process and this influences the placement of our teeth and gums. It is essential to establish a protocol of periodic check-ups after treatment so that the result is lasting.

When you finish your orthodontic treatment, the retention phase will begin. As with age we get wrinkles, the natural aging process also includes the displacement of our teeth. For this reason, at Smilodon Clinic we establish a protocol of periodic post-treatment check-ups for all our patients, in order to achieve a lasting result.

Metallic and aesthetic brackets

We carry out our conventional orthodontic treatments with what we consider to be the best bracket system on the market: the one offered by 3M, specifically the 3M ™ Victory Series ™ systems Low profile bracket system for metal brackets and 3M ™ Clarity ™ ADVANCED for aesthetic brackets (ceramic).

The 3M Victory Series System

The Victory Series ™ Low Profile Bracket System incorporates a low profile approach that improves aesthetics and patient comfort. Best look. Better feeling. And, given their lower profile, your patients will be more comfortable wearing them. The surface is practically smooth, favoring comfort a lot.

In addition to its low profile, the occlusal-gingival dimension has also been reduced, improving patient hygiene. This optimal size setting gives your patients reason to smile during treatment.

The 3M ™ Clarity ™ ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets System

A revolutionary leap forward when it comes to ceramic braces for orthodontics.

Predictable and systematic decementing with patented effort concentrator. This system offers the performance of Clarity ™ brackets and the innovation expected from a leading company like 3M. •

These ultra-small translucent braces are made of an innovative ceramic material that provides an attractive appearance: they are designed to blend in with the color of natural teeth and resist staining and discoloration throughout the patient’s treatment. They are also available with the exclusive APC ™ Flash-Free bonding system, which makes the cementation process faster and more efficient than ever, minimizing the possibility of detachment or unforeseen events during treatment. These advanced features allow you to offer the ultimate combination of aesthetics and performance.

Offering an ultra-small size and the smallest profiles on the market, they minimize contact with soft tissues and offer the greatest comfort for the patient.

Frequent questions

What are braces made of?

The metal braces are made of steel and the aesthetic ones of ceramic.


Can I eat and drink everything?

When wearing braces, care must be taken with especially hard foods. Regarding the intake of beverages, there are no contraindications.


How long does the treatment last?

The duration depends on the complexity of the patient’s malocclusion. In general terms, one can speak of 12-month treatments for very simple cases, up to 30 months for complex cases.


For what ages is treatment with braces indicated?

Treatment is indicated from adolescence, once all the permanent teeth have erupted, and has no age limit.

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